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Analog Kid Music (AKM) provides musician/band booking services and music event promotion services in the metro Atlanta area. AKM was founded by local Atlanta musicians, and was born out of a passion for music, not out of a desire to profit off the backs of fellow musicians. Our name is inspired by the Rush song, "The Analog Kid," off the band's 1982 album, Signals. The song is about the growth of youth from innocence to experience, and about our desire to explore the unknown future with, as drummer/lyricist Neil Peart writes, a "young and restless heart / And a bright and nameless vision."


Analog Kid Music aims to help musicians achieve their vision for their own futures. We know how challenging it can be to book and promote local shows. We hope to make this process much easier for local artists and bands by doing the logistical legwork of connecting with venues, negotiating pay, creating advertisements and marketing for shows, and generally ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page. 

In short, Analog Kid Music is here to support local musicians' passions and goals. 

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